"Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven."
Psalm 119:89

Dear Friends,

For those who have inquired about Ministry of the Word publications, the following materials are available without charge:

Calling Upon the Name of the Lord
The Cross and the Self
God's Unconditional Love
How They Found Christ
The Kingdom Life
Seeing and Feeling the Church
Spending Time with the Lord

The Assurance That Christ Is In You
Basic Truths of Our Common Faith
Christ Formed in Us
Christ Our Relationship with Everything
Gaining Christ in Daily Life
Scenes Around the Throne
Thinking the One Thing
What is Grace

Assurance That Christ Is In You (English, German, Russian)
Receiving Him

Regarding the devotional, The Supplied Life, it can be purchased for a small gift of $12.00. For those who would like an electronic version, it is available without charge at www.olivetree.com.

We would like to accommodate those who have made requests. Our contact number is 800-573-4105 and our email is orders@thechristian.org. The Ministry of the Word publications are also available through The Church in Moses Lake (www.thechurchinmoseslake.org). You may also contact them at 509-762-2881.

May the Lord bless His word.